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Dollar Tree's CORE Retail Career Perspectives

CORE Retail Career Perspectives

It doesn't take more than a quick peek at our history to see that we are a growth company. Take a look... we provide:

  • Priceless Experience A career with Dollar Tree also comes with a lot of variety. It’s a fun career that allows you to wear different hats.
  • Big Company With Big Ideas: We are the nation’s leading operator of single-price-point dollar stores with more than 4,900 locations in 48 states and 5 Canadian provinces. We are a more than $7 billion* and growing publicly-held company. (*As of February 2013. Visit our Investor Relations page for our most current performance.)
  • Valuable Partner: We’re all on the same team at Dollar Tree. We’re about people treating each other with respect, camaraderie, and a sense of joint purpose.
  • Career Growth Opportunity: If you have the drive and energy to apply your talents, a career with Dollar Tree can take you just about anywhere you want to go.
  • Place We Can All Profit: Why not have your cake and eat it too? Work for a great company and in return get great overall compensation that shows our appreciation.

We could go on and on, but why not hear it from some of our recent program graduates?

Josh O. started in June 2011 in the CORE Logistics Executive Development Program at our distribution center in Joliet, IL. Josh’s first experience with the company’s internal recruiters made him feel welcomed and comfortable. He remarks that everyone seemed down to earth and helped him feel “at ease” during the interview process. He says, “I felt like I was going to become part of a team.” Josh graduated the program and is now a Department Manager with Dollar Tree. In his new role he has learned more about the company, engaged his coworkers to learn from them, and become a valuable team player.

Mike O. started in June 2011 in the CORE Field Operations Executive Development Program. He wanted to join Dollar Tree because he researched the overall company growth, experienced the culture, and saw potential to reach personal and career goals. He describes those involved in his training process as supportive and helpful by saying, “any question I had, I got an answer to.” He acknowledges, “It’s an exciting time to be at Dollar Tree.” Mike is now a District Manager with responsibility for an entire district and all of its associates.

Anahi M. started in June 2011 in the CORE Merchandising Executive Development program. She says the program gave her “a holistic view of the company to better prepare for my position.” She boasts of many positive experiences, including working at a company that is financially secure and having access to leadership, friendly coworkers, and opportunities to develop her public speaking skills with Toastmasters. Anahi currently works as an Associate Buyer.