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Store Manager in Training Program

Dollar Tree offers highly effective training programs for those interested in management opportunities in our Dollar Tree stores. Programs for both Store Manager and Assistant Manager positions support the range of competencies that are required to successfully manage a Dollar Tree store.

Manager in Training Program

Our Manager in Training (MIT) Program runs the span of 7-8 weeks, consists of “operational” training that will take place primarily in a training store, and includes support and follow-up throughout your first year as a Store Manager.

The training is structured to ensure that you:

  • Develop an understanding of and are able to role-model the Dollar Tree cultures, mission and values.
  • Gain an understanding of and are able to demonstrate the operational aspects of a Dollar Tree store.
  • Develop a routine that you will implement in your own store environment.
  • Develop an understanding of and are able to access and utilize Dollar Tree tools and resources. 

Assistant Manager in Training Program

Our Assistant Manager in Training (AMIT) Program consists of four parts:

  1. Orientation, Basic Store Operations, and General Dollar Tree Knowledge
    1. Dollar Tree, our history and culture
    2. Basic responsibilities of all Assistant Managers
    3. Store Routine Practices
  1. Basic Cashier Responsibilities and Register Information/Functions
    1. Learn basic cashier responsibilities
    2. Learn basic register functions
  1. Basic Manager Information/Functions
    1. Perform "management" functions associated with opening and closing a store.
  1. Role-Specific Training – Specific training will depend on three things: The store format you will be working in (large or small), the volume of that store, and the Assistant Manager role you are filling.
    1. Merchandise Manager
    2. Operations Manager
    3. Stocking Manager
    4. Front End Manager

At Dollar Tree, where every dollar counts — and so do you — our goal is to provide the best possible training environment to ensure your success!

Our Store Manager Training Program is offered based on the needs of our business. Currently, this training program is closed. Check back to see for future availability.